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Crank Up the Adrenaline with Apex Rebels!

07 June 2024

It's time to deliver an extraordinary arcade experience to your guests with Apex Rebels, the thrilling new video motion game from SEGA Amusements! This powerhouse racer has taken the industry by storm, receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback and performance reports to back it up.

“Apex Rebels is a major crowd-pleaser at our arcades! The competitive gameplay and immersive experience keeps them coming back for race after race. The stunning cabinet with LED Video headers definitely helps it stand out. Apex Rebels is a fantastic addition to our lineup, and I highly recommend it to any operator looking to boost their racing game selection.” Says Matthew Deith, Managing Director at FunBox Entertainment UK Ltd.

"Apex Rebels is a great looking driver that is performing very well in our location!" says Shawn Hetzel of Frankie's Fun Parks, USA. "It looks to be the best Return on Investment among our top drivers.”

Apex Rebels is a must-have for any arcade, FEC, or entertainment operator looking to provide a unique and unforgettable racing experience. Players choose from five high-octane race cars, each with its own distinct style. As they navigate the tracks, strategic use of checkpoints unlocks advanced skills like Slipstream, Power Drift, and the revolutionary Aero-Drift, allowing players to soar through the air and outmanoeuvre their rivals.

The stunning cabinet of Apex Rebels is a showstopper in itself. Featuring jaw-dropping race cars mounted on a motion base, vibrant LED lighting, and eye-catching liveries, it's an instant draw that will have players lining up for a chance to race. The massive 65" LED monitor and panoramic LED Video Billboard keep spectators engaged, displaying the leaderboard, track map, and all the heart-pounding action.

Powered by Unreal Engine, Apex Rebels boasts awe-inspiring graphics that bring the race tracks to life. The force-feedback steering wheel and real physics engine provide an unmatched sense of control, allowing players to feel every bump, twist, and turn. This combination of stunning visuals, intuitive controls, and immersive motion creates an unforgettable racing experience that keeps players coming back for more.

“Due to the incredible demand, we have increased our production capacity,” says Justin Burke, Sales Director from SEGA Amusements. “Therefore, we encourage operators to take immediate action and place their orders now to secure a spot in the production queue.”

Don't miss the opportunity to enhance your location and delight your guests with Apex Rebels! Contact SEGA Amusements today to secure your spot in the production.