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07 August 2018

New Daytona Championship USA standard cabinets are rolling out of the factory and into arcade locations.

Designed to fit in even more locations, Daytona Championship USA standard has a smaller footprint and low height but delivers the same IAAPA Brass Ring award-winning game-play as the deluxe cabinet. Featuring the iconic Hornet car themed marquee, wrapped in racing sponsored graphics and bright, colourful LED edge lighting this cabinet dazzles and excite players.

“We had many customers asking us for an inexpensive compact cabinet for their location, so we answered their wishes with this spectacular new model.  In developing this game, we maintained all the winning aspects that make Daytona Championship USA one of the top driving games on location. We also found ways to make this cabinet one of the most attractively priced driving game on the market.” Says Vince Moreno, Sales Manager at Sega.

The global demand for Daytona Championship USA has been very good thanks to the excellent return on investment.  The revolutionary new instant re-match puts players right back in the race, encouraging lots of repeat play.  The all-new Tournament Mode attracts new players to a location and simplifies setting up tournaments for the operator.  The 'Sega-IQ Intelligent Service Menus' feature cleverly offers prompts and troubleshooting advice to an onsite technician.

All the insanely fast action unfolds in 60 frames per second on a 42” LED high definition screen, which gets the heart pumping.  Arcade-perfect handling, amazing ‘Artificial Intelligence’ and ‘Catch Up’ truly excite casual and pro gamers.  The added 4-speed gear shifter, new cars, 6 great tracks and game modes bring more fun and excitement for players old and new.  The Daytona standard game is designed to have a smaller footprint and fit the budget for more customers so more locations can have the Daytona brand in their location.” Concluded Vince Moreno.

Daytona Championship USA standard cabinets are in production now, so place an order contact Sega on +1 847-364-9787;, or contact your Local Authorized Sega Distributor.