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24 September 2020

Have you been looking for a hit new redemption game, but just not sure what’s good out there? Well, look no further as SEGA’s hit new skill-based redemption game Power Roll continues to be one of the top-performing games on the market.

So why will your visitors love Power Roll? Vince Moreno, Sales Manager at Sega, explains “The game is simple. Guests pull the lever with just the right strength to get the ball rolling towards the bonus ticket zone. As the ball rolls up the track, it swings various stoppers along the way creating a fascinating mechanical attraction for players. The skilful nature of the game keeps players guessing ‘will-they’ ‘won’t-they’ make it into the bonus zone. This creates excitement and intrigue that keeps players wanting to play Power Roll over and over. We’ve designed the game to have many ticket win zones along the playfield, so your guests always walk away happy having won tickets.”

Power Roll features a jaw-dropping cabinet design, lit with LED lights and huge see-through windows. Power Roll brings a trendy new look and feel that is sure to impress your guests.

So many customers are happy with their Return On Investment of their first game that they have added a second Power Roll game with the Mega Bonus Marquee to take their earning to the next level.

CLICK HERE to watch a video demo of Power Roll and get a better sense of how it will suit your venue.

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