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Men In Black is Back!

07 December 2023

The blockbuster hit Men In Black is back as an exciting play for fun video game! Previously only available as redemption, players can now enjoy the thrilling alien adventure regardless of whether the game has tickets or not.

This new version of Men In Black is a great addition to any location and appeals to a wider range of players.  Operators have been asking for this option for a long time and we listened! Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this global hit franchise video game to your location - it's available now!

Men in Black is Sega Amusements International’s hit explosive video game. Presented in a stunning, retro-futuristic cabinet that takes design cues from the iconic MIB headquarters. The gameplay is both fun and exciting, as players take on the roles of Agent N and Agent V to take down aliens to save planet Earth. Along the way, they must collect powerful weapons to stay alive and defeat the final boss. The game features iconic Men in Black aliens, weapons, and locations from the Men in Black franchise. Moreover, at the end of each game, players are teased with the next mission to encourage repeat play.

Be sure to take advantage of this enticing new video game and bring the magic of this iconic title to your arcade line-up, which is sure to attract even more players to play this electrifying galactic shooting experience!