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Men In Black - The Ultimate Extraterrestrial Adventure!

08 April 2024

Prepare to suit up and join the ranks of the world's most secretive agency: Men In Black

Brought to you by SEGA Amusements International, this thrilling video game will take your venue out of this world! Combining immersive gameplay and intuitive controls, this arcade adventure promises a tense, adrenaline-pumping experience from to start to finish for players of all ages.

In this blockbuster game, players assume the role of MIB Agent N and Agent V tasked with defending Earth from the universe's most nefarious aliens. Armed with an arsenal of futuristic MIB weapons and gadgets, players embark on a plethora of thrilling missions across a variety of alien-filled countries all over planet Earth. Missions, routes, enemies, and bosses change every time you play, keeping players  on their toes, not knowing what is going to happen next. Available in both ticket redemption and play for fun, this game is suited for all operators. The cabinet features a unique chrome UFO billboard lit with animated LEDs and an “infinity mirror” . Alongside this, the dual Tri-Barrel Plasma Guns and the neuralizer top prop are straight out of the movies and are sure to make any player feel like a true MIB agent.

Join the Men In Black and bring this hit franchise to your venue - the fate of the world depends on it!