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Rev Up Your Bikes for an Adrenaline-Fueled Ride with Storm Rider 2!

16 June 2023

Ignite your excitement and brace yourself for the adrenaline-pumping thrill of Storm Rider 2!

This motion-based motorbike racing game features a captivating two-player cabinet with futuristic bikes and a lit billboard, drawing attention at any Arcade or FEC. Powered by Unreal Engine, Storm Rider 2 offers stunning graphics and blazing speeds through its Boost function.

With advanced AI, this game caters to both casual and core gamers. Four immersive racetracks, a single-player campaign, and four-bike multiplayer races provide endless excitement. The unique bike upgrade system, alongside the five bikes and characters ensure repeat play.

An innovative touchscreen lobby control interface adds unique interactivity, while a 49" Full HD Monitor brings the game's visuals to life. Storm Rider 2 strikes the perfect balance between familiar bike racing and futuristic elements that makes it rule the income charts and an instant hit at any location.

Storm Rider 2 is now shipping! So, order yours now and enhance your arcade or FEC with this thrilling game. Are you ready to take the fast lane to success?

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