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SEGA Amusements Success at IAAPI!

07 March 2023

SEGA amusements at IAAPI! A show that displayed some of SEGA’s exciting products, one new, and surprisingly a couple that have been a part of our successful range for some time. International Sales Manager Steve D’Arcy attended IAAPA in Mumbai, one of the biggest shows in the worldwide amusement industry calendar offering an extensive range of products and services all under one roof.

Steve commented:

“This year’s IAAPI exhibition in Mumbai was one of the most positive and encouraging exhibitions I have ever attended. The Indian market is becoming all the stronger for having existing Independent Operators that are investing heavily in expansion programmes and providing their customers with true quality built games and experiences far beyond what has been provided in the past.

A very big thank you to our Indian Distributor CSML for their continual hard work in expanding the Indian market, and for their very generous and warm hospitality.

Congratulations also need to go to the organisers of the event for providing the exhibitors with real quality attendees that took the time to investigate everything on offer. “

The attendees at the show commended and recognised that Bop It! Arcade was a definite snap up on their next order. Coincidentally they were also reminded of the hit games of Pixel Chase and Power Roll as something to think about in case they had perhaps forgotten their continual triumph in all locations.

Making an appearance at the show, continuing its successful premiere, was the aforementioned Bop It! Arcade. Visitors were able to see the popular family game brought to life in the arcade on a much bigger scale. Once again, this enjoyable and instinctive game was a hit with everyone who played it! Making it even more desirable and a top priority for family locations everywhere.

Visitors were able to revisit and enjoy the experience of testing their throwing skills on the hugely successful Pixel Chase. The eye catching red, green, and blue target squares instantaneously transfixed players into playing with the hope of beating the high score. This widely loved game which is perfect for all game centres was once more popular with everyone that revisited it.

Power Roll as always engaged visitors to its controls. The hypnotic design and 100% skill assurance make this a game that players constantly want to play repeatedly with the hope of beating their previous score. Furthermore, presented in its staggering illuminated cabinet makes sure that it will be a stable feature to any game centre.

Thank you to all that visited our stand at IAAPI and to the IAAPI association for organising such a wonderful event allowing us to showcase just a small selection from our incredible range.

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