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SEGA Prize International Unveils Exciting New Plush Toy Lines that are available now!

12 June 2024

SEGA Prize International is proud to announce the release of our highly anticipated plush lines!

For many years, we have taken great pride in developing the highest possible quality of product whilst continuing to meet our core objective of offering our customers the best value for money.  Sega Prize doesn’t just aim to meet our customers’ expectations, we strive to exceed them!

Our latest must-have creations are the ‘Bears in Disguises,’ featuring characters Connie Cobb, Brenda Broccoli, Murray Mushroom, and Perry Pumpkin. These playful, cute bears love to play hide and seek, and there's no better way than to wear a clever vegetable disguise. Our other new arrivals are the ‘Crossbody Friends,’ featuring characters Calvin Cat, Freya Frog, Cody Cow, and Stella Sloth. These super cute characters will be sure to keep your friendship and possessions safe with their unique zip-up mushroom crossbody purses.

Both of these lines had a fantastic reception when they were first shown at EAG earlier this year. Trevor Clarke (Head of Prize & Merchandise) said, “All of our hard work has paid off. We work with our customers to produce desirable plush at competitive price points to help them maximise their income. We look forward to the year ahead, continuing to develop and offer more products using this design philosophy.”

Available now for immediate delivery, be sure to get these must-have plush ordered today!

For more information or to order, contact SEGA Prize International at +44 (0)208 391 8089