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We take great pride in developing the highest possible quality of product, whilst continuing to meet our core objectives offering our customers the best value for money. We view every prize as a cherished memory from the moment it’s won, immortalising a great day out with friends and family. Sega Prize doesn’t just aim to meet our customers expectations, we strive to exceed them! Attention to detail is key to our design philosophy, every item is developed with the needs of our customers and visitors in mind.

Check out our latest offerings, we hope will enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed developing them for you, and

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GREAT SCOTT!! For the first time EVER get the world’s favourite time travellers in super soft plush toy form. The set includes Marty, Doc, Einstein and of course, the famous Delorean time machine. Back to the Future is a worldwide cultural phenomenon and the highest-grossing film of 1985 and one of the most successful franchises in Universal’s history. 2020 marks the 35th anniversary of this iconic movie series and we couldn’t be more excited to be part of the celebration by bringing you our brand new product range.





Introducing the new Sonic Friends! These vibrant soft toys are the perfect companions for the latest Sonic The Hedgehog Classic toy. Joining Sonic are his trusty side kick Tails. Along with Knuckles and Shadow, who have also been redesigned with even softer plush fabrics, these are the cuddliest Sonic toys we have ever made!






Our very own company mascot also known as the world’s fastest hedgehog, Sonic is one of the most famous video game characters that has ever existed and appeals to audiences of all ages. Due to popular demand, we have gone back to our roots and are incredibly excited to bring you our super-detailed collectable Classic Sonic The Hedgehog soft toy! Produced with super soft plush fabrics and weighted beanie bottoms, these are simply the cuddliest Sonic toys we have ever made!






Make listening fun with these soft, lightweight, plush headband headphones, perfectly fitted for kids. These comfortable headphones are great for long journeys, featuring ultra-thin speakers that can be easily removed from the washable headband. They can even be used as a sleeping mask by simply pulling it over your eyes. These two standout designs of Sonic and Amy are sure to bring a smile to those that wear them and all around!






The legendary unicorn has captured the imagination of children since ancient times. Today unicorns have seen a resurgence of popularity, fuelled by the magic of social media meme’s, unicorn merchandise sales have soared! So let your imagination run wild with our very own I Feel Like a Unicorn, a collection of cuddly plush unicorns. There are three to collect, featuring glittering eyes, vibrantly coloured fluffy manes, highly detailed, soft white velboa fur, shimmering wings and  horns. This adorable range is certain to attract and delight, lovers of all things cute.





Tokio Sonar isn’t your ordinary Drone. Forget using a controller to manoeuvre this flying machine. Simply switch on the drone and gently throw it into the air, then just use your hands to guide and steer the Sonar around the room. You can even make a game of it! The Tokio sonar is available in a single, stealthy Black colour with orange propeller accents. You’ll be amazed how smart this little UFO is!






Todays drone market is becoming more and more sophisticated and we’ve raised our game with the new Tokio Drone II.  The upgraded controls and improved design has resulted in a more robust and reliable machine. The four propellers are encased in a clean white mesh, with a simple and modern rounded square chassis. It also features a fun new flipping feature to allow you to switch direction in a whole new way!






Prepare to battle with our new addition to the Tokio Technology range, these robots are ready to rumble! Available in a twin pack these bots boast hours of multi-player fun using the remote sensing controls. Simply shake the controllers with each hand and the robot will respond.  Aim for the enemy robot’s visor and keep striking your opponent until you’ve achieved a winning K.O!






Following the success of our RC Racer this awesome item will drive all over the competition (literally!). Introducing the all new Tokio G Racer, a tuned RC sports car that has the ability to conquer all flat surfaces! Walls, glass windows, mirrors, the G Racer will drive on them all! Kitted out with working head lights, cool black rear spoiler and blue paint job, prepare to be amazed by this gravity defying wonder!






Reduce your reliance on single use plastic bottles with our new Tokio Hydrate water bottle. This double insulated steel bottle with a 500ml capacity will keep the contents hot or cold for hours! Finished in stylish electroplated chrome you’ll want to show off the Hydrate bottle everywhere!






The Tokio Alexa connects to a cloud-based voice service to play music, make calls, set alarms and timers, ask questions, check your calendar, weather and more. This really is the device of the century, housed in a beautifuly simple and sleek designed speaker with superior sound quality. With an already stellar line up of compatible apps, Alexa is always getting smarter and adding new features and skills.






These really are some of Tokio’s smartest wireless headphones yet featuring the latest Active Noise Cancelling technology, filtering out unwanted background noise. With easy-to use controls and superior sound quality, simply tap the touch sensitive side panels of the headphones to start and stop what you’re listening to. These stylish over-ear headphones will soon become your  best companion leaving you to concentrate on your favourite songs and podcasts.






Tokio View is your trusty companion for today’s unpredictable roads. Protect yourself and keep aware of your full surroundings using the wide angle lens and record high quality footage with 1080p full HD video. Whether its just for peace of mind or keeping a record of those long business trips, this simple yet stylish product will compliment any vehicle interior.






Tokio wearable technology will help you stay fit and stay connected. Featuring real-time guidance during your workout with the built in heart monitor, connect it with you smart phone to receive calls and messages easily while on the move. This impressive watch looks and feels great with its silicon strap and luxurious aluminium frame. Tokio Fit is the perfect fitness companion!






Be free from cables, free from fuss and free to listen to whatever you want, whenever you want. These comfortable true wireless earbuds connect to your portable device via Bluetooth providing you a simple and enjoyable listening experience. Stay charged on the move and never stop those tunes from playing! Tokio Freedom features its very own sleek charging box that can easily fit into a pocket or bag.






Tokio Drone is our remote controlled nano drone. The incredibly compact nature of the 3cm drone allows it to nest neatly within the ergonomically designed controller, so that it is easily transported and well protected. As a quadcoptor this tiny aircraft is easy to learn to fly and with practice very quickly you will master the 6 axis gyroscope flight control system , allowing you to perform aerobatic stunts and flip with precision and ease. Tokio Drone features built in LED lights so that it is clear and easy to locate no matter the flight conditions.






Tokio Racer is a pocket-sized, radio controlled formula one style race car.  This simple radio controlled car features bright LED lights, an eye catching blue design and incredibly intuitive controls. The Tokio Racer is presented in a clear plastic display box that the remote control nests under, so that you can proudly collect and beautifully display the Tokio RC range upon your mantle.






Tokio Speed is a pocket-sized, radio controlled speed boat. This radio controlled speed boat features incredibly intuitive controls, eye catching green design and skims smoothly across the water. The Tokio Speed is presented in a clear plastic display box that the remote control nests under, so that you can proudly collect and display the Tokio RC range on your mantle.