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Sacoa Cashless System

What is Sacoa ?

  • Sacoa is the leading worldwide supplier of revenue management systems for the amusement, entertainment and leisure industries with more than 2200 installations in +70 countries. It offers customised applications to manage and control all aspects of an entertainment facility.
  • While average card system revenues increase 20 to 30% over token or cash play, many customers report even higher earnings.
  • Sacoa have a wide range of products and services. Below are only a couple of things they offer - 


Sacoa Spark

• Wireless card reader with NFC & RFID technology

• Usable with cards, wristbands, tokens & key fobs

• Optional single head magnetic swipe technology.

• Optional single head magnetic swipe technology.

• Color-code according to age restriction, promotions, tickets, etc.

• Full HD color 2.8" touch screen, auto orientation, e-tickets counting.

• Heighten E-ticket winning and counting with programmable flashing lights.

• Universal Card Link (UCL) compatible.

• Water and dust resistant (Tap version).



Sacoa Kiosk K4

• 2023 IAAPA Expo Brass Ring Award Winner

• Largest interactive touch screen in the market.

• The fastest device for playcard analysis, sale and recharge.

• Reduces personnel requirements.

• Detailed display of card balance, status and activity.

• Second screen for animations and slide shows.

• Passport and flexible bundles (credits, bonus, time card).

• Multiple card purchases in a single transaction.

• Cash, coins and credit card acceptance.

• Upselling feature available.

• Multiple language operation.

• CRM integrated.

• ADA compliance.

Are you ready to bring your arcade, bowling centre or FEC into the future ?

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