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Superbowl UK

Superbowl UK

In February 2018, SEGA Amusements successfully won the contract to operate all “pay-to-play” machines across the entire Superbowl UK estate.  This comprised of 7 bowling centres across the breadth of England.

Following careful planning and in partnership with the Senior Management Team of Superbowl UK, the old amusement arcades were completely overhauled.  Strategic planning and careful negotiations ensured that the amusement arcades were redesigned at agreed dates to minimise disruption and maximise machine uptime. The entire estate was completely revamped over 23 days and successfully upgraded to include the very latest redemption, sports and video games along with a carefully selected range of ancillary products. The result was a series of profitable, fun and memorable amusement centres with something for every member of the family.

There was an immediate and noteworthy uplift in machine revenue of 10%. This uplift has been sustained with an additional 12% in year 2.

By September 2019, SEGA supported the Superbowl UK team with the installation and opening of a further 4 locations, expanding the estate to 11 sites.

Our consistent approach to the partnership, which also included full staff training resulted in an enhanced level of guest satisfaction, a longer dwell time, an increase in spend per head and the WOW factor!

This growth has been attributed to:

  • A branded concept making the amusement area a destination in its own right, rather than an add-on.
  • A major investment in the latest games and merchandisers.
  • A sustained reduction in service issues resulting in a marked increase in machine uptime.

Continued investment in the people and the machines within the operation across Superbowl UK has ensured that strong growth continues to be shown in weekly figures as well as continued high levels of guest satisfaction and participation.

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