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SMARTS Interactive Darts brings the game of darts to the masses in a fun, social way. Using our slick, touch-screen interface, participants can input their names before snapping a selfie and choosing which of our great games to play.

With revolutionary Smartboard® technology, the system instantly detects where darts have landed and displays the result on a screen above the board.

The screen above the dart board guides users through their chosen game, showing them what to aim for and keeping all the scores. New games will be added so there is something for everyone. There are three difficulty levels to cater for all standards of players.

Players play with real, steel tip dartboards and real bristle dartboards from the world’s leading manufacturer, Unicorn.


  • The most accurate autoscoring system in the world
  • Real bristle dartboard from the world’s leading manufacturer
  • Players use real steel tip darts
  • Touch screen player interface
  • Powerful player session management system
  • Many games to choose from and more will be added soon.
  • Players can choose game difficulty settings
  • Includes all the technology required to setup.

Game Types

  • Skill Games

    Skill Games

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