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Afterburner Climax

Afterburner Climax

Afterburner Climax

Take to the Skies!

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Afterburner Climax™ is the jet-fuelled sequel to SEGA's 1980's hit Afterburner. Afterburner Climax highlights 'the Brave Fangs' aero team, part of the G.H.O.S.T squadron from SEGA's Ghost Squad. In the game the team have the task of stopping an enemy country from launching all out nuclear war, after all peacekeeping talks have failed. Jaguar Flight, a team within Brave Fangs has 48 hours to stop them!


  • High quality visual graphics realised by Lindbergh
  • Overwhelming sense of speed and exhilaration
  • Cooperative link play
  • Single Play mode
  • Many kinds of real aircrafts are in the game
  • Airplane themed cabinet 

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