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Tippin' Bloks

Tippin' Bloks

Tippin' Bloks

Stack em' all!

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Tippin' Bloks offers players the ability to experience a 3D interactive video redemption game using real time physics. Players use the interactive hand controller to move and tilt the base side to side, as they try to catch and balance falling Bloks. By hitting the various win zones, which is accomplished by stacking and balancing the falling Bloks, the player is rewarded with tickets. But be careful, dropping 3 Bloks will end the game. Using the interactive tray controller, players try to catch dropping blocks, and stack them to various win levels. Get to the top to win the bonus. If the player drops more than 3 blocks it’s game over!


  • 1 player
  • Ticket redemption
  • 42” vertical LCD screen
  • Unique controller
  • ‘Glowing Blok’ illuminated cabinet

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