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Too Spicy

Too Spicy

Too Spicy

Can you handle the heat?

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Too Spicy is all about the innovation on freedom of movement. Other shoot-out games locks players into a set path, and therefore the game moves the player from different locations, this then means that the player has to follow that same path each time.  Where as Too Spicy introduces a double foot pedal system and gives the player options and freedom. The two pedals gives the player freedom to move left and right. This makes it more immersive as being a shoot-out game there are a variety of places to hide for cover. This then allows the players to think strategically and outthink, outshoot and outmaneuver their opponent. This feature is more prominate in the HEAD-TO-HEAD mode where you have to beat your opponent in a 1v1. However, there is a story mode so the game can be played as a single player.


  • Double foot pedal system
  • 1 or 2 Player
  • Eye catching cabinet
  • Gun controllers

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