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20 October 2020

Your guests are looking at you to entertain them this Halloween. How are you going to create an event that is fun, safe and one they will remember? Here are five simple tips to impress your guests this Halloween.

A simple “must-do” step that creates a haunting atmosphere. There are lots of cost-effective decorations available on the market, which means you don’t have to break the bank, to give your location a spooky vibe. A good tip is also to decorate your outdoor signage as well as the entrance, this will attract visitors and immerse them into the spirit of the event.

Make sure you have a selection of horror-themed games on location. Then feel free to go the extra mile by grouping these games together to create a unique “Horror Zone”. A zone presents games in a new way that helps create a higher interest in those games. A themed signpost saying “Welcome to the Horror Zone” will intrigue players.

Our House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn and Luigi’s Mansion Arcade are perfect games for this occasion. Mix in a single-player crane such as Capto Crane into the zone with Halloween themed toys for a creative twist. Special offers are available on games, so contact us now to get your horror zone started.

This a great way to get more traffic into your location. Include food, drinks, gameplay and a gift to make a simple party package. Go further by having a costume contest with a prize for the winner. A costume contest will encourage visitors to dress for the occasion and get them into the spirit to fun.

Ensure your redemption counter is stocked up, players want to see a variety of prizes that they can win. Also, make sure you have a full stock of redemption tickets. Running out of redemption tickets or prizes will hurt your potential income. Our Sega Total Solutions team can help you with prizes, redemption tickets, spares and even technical support make sure your games and redemption counter are ready for Halloween.

Create social media posts inviting visitors to have a spectacular Halloween at your venue. Promote your Halloween themed party, offers on food and extra plays on selected games to encourage commitment. Be sure also to include imagery of changes you have implemented to keep your guests and staff safe. The images will reassure your guest that they will get a safe and fun experience.


We hope these simple tips help your business create a memorable Halloween party.