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16 July 2020

We know reopening is challenging, so we’ve put together a few simple tips to get your business back on track.

Tip 1: Don’t let “out of service” games hurt your business.

At the best of times out of order games are a drag to your businesses performance. In this “socially distanced” new normal your limited floor space is at a premium. Make a quick call to an experienced service technician to get the game working. With this in mind we have prioritised our technical support to help you maximise your games earning potential and deliver a better guest experience. You can contact our tech support on or +44 (0) 208 391 8060 (Option 2)

Tip 2: Show some love to those old games.

Games with old damaged and poorly functioning controls are a 'turn-off' for most players. Now with hygiene and safety at the forefront of parents and  players’ minds, they are expecting to see clean, fresh touchpoints. Replacing tired parts such as controls, decals and lights gives an old game a fresh look that continue to attract players and revenue. Our customer service team is here to help you get the genuine parts for your games. You can reach our spares team on  or +44 (0) 208 391 8060

Tip 3: Don’t forget your essentials.

Ensure you are stocked up on redemption tickets and prizes so that players don’t experience disappointment. Continue to seek prizes that offer good quality, at the right price and delivers a high perception value. These will attract players to collect more tickets to take home that shiny new toy/prize. We can help you great value tickets and prizes just contact us on or +44 (0) 208 391 8060

Tip 4: Its time to think long term.

With interest rates so low you have a unique opportunity to invest in to your business’s future growth. New games and attractions can revive your location and spurs fresh interest for your location. This is especially important to entice your regular visitors as they will be seeking out new games and experiences. Taking a long term strategic view will help you stand out from the competition and go from strength to strength. We are here as your trusted partners to help you pick the right games to help grow your business so just drop us a line on or talk to us +44 (0) 208 391 8090

Tip 5: Leverage the power of social media.

Use social media to inform your visitors about all the changes you have implemented to make the guest experience a safe and enjoyable one. Also continue to post pictures of players having fun, winning prizes, ticket bonuses and even high scores. This will spark interest in your social media followers and give them the confidence to visit. Posting regularly and maintaining consistency on social media is a well-known tip for success.

We hope these simple tips helps your business get back on track and remember we are here to help you - contact us.

This is marketing content and you should always obtain independent advice.